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  • Jürgen Herzfeld

    As head of human resources and training, Jürgen Herzfeld is aware of STEAG’s importance in the employment and training market, but also very closely observes what demands qualified employees place on an employer today.

    Jürgen Herzfeld (58) completed a dual work and study degree in Business Administration (VWA) in Bochum. He joined STEAG in 1978 and has been working in Human Resources since 1981. He has been Head of Human Resources since 2017.

    What constitutes an attractive employer in the view of an applicant in 2018?
    Most of the studies come to different rankings of the answers, depending on the target group. However, in the high priorities, there is always a committed top management which creates a basis of trust between employees and management through a communicative working environment and provides transparent and comprehensible information about objectives and strategies. Those employers who enable employees to assume a high degree of responsibility and promote performance and the professional development of their employees are also particularly attractive. Flexibility in working hours and attentiveness in dealing with one another are also repeatedly mentioned as requirements of applicants.

    How do you meet these needs at STEAG?
    The rapidly changing energy industry environment in particular offers our employees a host of short-term and medium-term challenges. If you see change as a challenge and an opportunity, you will find a working environment with us that enables you to quickly take on tasks on your own responsibility and work on important projects, both nationally and internationally. We support this through targeted individual measures, which are discussed and agreed upon in the annual appraisal interview. The desired flexibility can also be arranged there. This fits in with our management principle, “We challenge and support our employees”.

    STEAG is known for training to a high level of qualifications – How is this area developing?
    Our initial training enjoys an excellent reputation. Time and again, STEAG trainees or graduates of dual courses of study with their degrees are among the best in their year. In addition, there is a wide range of further training opportunities. But training and further education also have to meet the changing market requirements and the needs of applicants. We regularly check this and make the necessary changes and readjustments to job descriptions and further training opportunities. Special thanks go to our training officers who, in addition to their full-time professional job within the company’s operations, both in the commercial and industrial engineering sectors, pass on their knowledge and experience to the young employees and make training “their business”. Top results are only possible again and again with the commitment of all those involved.