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    Photoment – Clean air. Clean surfaces.

    In many years of development work, STEAG Power Minerals, in cooperation with KRONOS, one of the leading manufacturers of titanium dioxide, created the photocatalytically active concrete additive Photoment®. This additive is capable of removing harmful nitrogen oxides from the ambient air. This is made possible by the photocatalytic reaction on Photoment® surfaces, which is set in motion either by daylight or by artificial lighting. Together with titanium dioxide, which brings about the photocatalytic activity, Photoment® also contains hard coal fly ash – a high-quality construction material which has pozzolanic properties and so enhances the quality of concrete products. Photoment® is used as an additive in the manufacture of building materials such as paving stones, patio slabs or flagstones from concrete. That makes correspondingly treated products the ideal building blocks in a comprehensive strategy for improvement of the air quality in urban areas.