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    In Erding, one of the largest district heating supply systems using hot deep groundwater is under construction. On behalf of the municipality of Erding, STEAG New Energies operates two geothermal heating plants with connected district heating system for the supply of public buildings, family homes, businesses and the Erding thermal spa with geothermal heat from a depth of 2,350 meters. Apart from supplying district heating, STEAG New Energies supplies geothermal heat to the Erding thermal spa. Around 10 percent of Erding’s residents are supplied with local geothermal energy.

    LocationErding, Bavaria
    Commissioned1998 Geothermal heating plant I
    2009 Geothermal heating plant II II
    Capacity46,7 MWth
    Fuel inputApprox. 23,360 MWh geothermal energy
    Approx. 73,370 natural gas
     Approx. 6,550 MWh light fuel oil