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  • HydrOxy Hub Walsum

    A lighthouse hydrogen project in Duisburg for the decarbonization of the steel industry

    Together with project partners thyssenkrupp Steel and thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers, STEAG is working on a feasibility study for the construction of a water electrolysis plant with a capacity of up to 500 megawatts (MW) to supply green hydrogen and oxygen to thyssenkrupp Steel’s nearby steelworks. If an investment decision is made in spring 2023, commercial operation of the plant in early 2025 is conceivable.

    Thanks to its climate strategy, thyssenkrupp Steel will be creating a continually increasing and reliable demand for green hydrogen in the coming years. This will initially replace some of the carbon used in the existing blast furnaces and later be used in new direct reduction plants. With a capacity of up to 500 MW, the planned electrolysis facility on the STEAG site in Duisburg-Walsum could itself supply enough hydrogen for the steel manufacturer’s first direct reduction plant and by doing so would make an important contribution to supplying the steelworks in the short and medium term.

    The project includes the construction of two new pipelines to transport water and oxygen from Walsum to the steelworks located less than three kilometers away in the Duisburg district of Bruckhausen. The immediate proximity of the sites to each other will permit a fast link to the steelworks. A connection to the high voltage grid ensures the supply of green electricity for electrolysis, and large battery storage facilities will support grid stability. The site also has a connection to the existing natural gas network, which could also prospectively be used to convey hydrogen.

    The project also offers interesting opportunities for investors. In addition to participating in the project development, investors can acquire shares in the operating company that is to be newly founded. Together with the project partners, they will finance the development and construction of the water electrolysis plant and its connection to the steelworks, and they will also ensure stable cash flows through the purchase of fixed quantities of green hydrogen and oxygen by thyssenkrupp Steel.