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    The new build project

    A highly efficient bridging technology supported by the German government in the context of the energy transition.

    • It is planned to construct and operate a highly efficient combined cycle gas and steam turbine plant (CCGT plant) at the Herne power plant site.
    • The construction of the modern plant will be subsidized by the Federal government on the basis of the Act on Combined Heat and Power Generation.
    • This energy conversion technology conserves resources as electricity and heat are generated together.
    • The Herne combined cycle plant ensures security of supply for heat and power with major savings in CO2 compared with conventional heating power plants.
    • The start of construction work is planned for spring 2019, and commissioning for the end of 2021.

    Attractive and future-proof jobs will be created at the Herne energy hub. This is also where the central heat feed into the Ruhr district heating grid is located.  

    • Our heat demand – in contrast to electricity demand – rises massively in the 6 wintery months.
    • Especially in that period, generation from renewable energy sources for the conurbations which surround us falls short by several billion watts, and the technology is not yet available to store what is generated.
    • The Herne combined cycle plant will, in contrast, provide a secure bridging technology which significantly conserves resources and emits less CO2 in comparison with conventional combined heat and power plants.

    Project Milestones

    First feed-in of the CCGT plant into the power grid

    Commissioning is approaching: The gas turbine of the new power plant was successfully fired at the end of December 2021. This was followed by grid synchronization and the first power feeds. By mid-January 2022, 260 megawatts had been reached, around 40 percent of the maximum output.

    Start of natural gas supply

    In September 2021, the Herne CCGT will be successfully connected to Thyssengas' natural gas transmission network. Prior to this, Thyssengas succeeded in planning and building the 23-kilometer pipeline in a record time of just two years.

    Delivery of the gas turbine

    After eleven days of transport by water from Berlin to Herne, the 457-tonne heart reaches its destination at the end of November 2020.

    Herne 4 makes way for CCGT Herne

    In March 2021, another milestone is set for the future of energy: STEAG applies for the decommissioning of the Herne 4 coal-fired unit. In the course of 2022, it is to be replaced by the new state-of-the-art and resource-saving combined-cycle power plant. Herne 4 is to be converted into a natural gas-fired boiler to secure the district heating supply.

    Ready Steady Go: First work on the fundament of the new CCGT power plant in progress

    At the beginning of February 2020, 777 concrete piles, each 15 meters deep, are waiting to be driven into the ground. In the future, they will support the foundation plates for the turbine and generator. After the responsible Arnsberg district government has approved the first construction phase, the team will start work.

    Energy future in Herne sealed

    In July 2018, STEAG and Siemens sign the contract for the construction of the new combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant in Herne, Germany.