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  • Responsibility to society and the environment

    In our role as a company and employer, we always act in a sustainable and responsible manner. These values are reflected in every aspect of our business dealings.

    Sustainability and a sense of responsibility can be seen clearly in how we interact with one another. We support our employees and fellow human beings, both in Germany and abroad.

    However, as an international energy producer, we have a special responsibility that goes beyond this. This responsibility starts with the efficient use of raw materials and ends with ensuring the supply of safe and sustainable energy. In taking on this responsibility, we make sure that there is a considered balance between environmental protection, security of supply and profitability.

    By focusing on distributed generation facilities and renewable sources of energy, we are promoting the transition to a sustainable energy mix. With our international energy projects, we are making our contribution to satisfying the increasing global demand for energy and providing a growing populace with access to electricity.

    We stand for future-oriented energy

    We ensure that the generation of energy, both in Germany and at our many overseas plants, is efficient, safe and sustainable.

    Environment and climate protection play a decisive role in all of our activities. What this means is that when we use fuels, we use them extremely efficiently. We are continually improving the environmental technologies of our power plants and focus in particular on increasing their efficiency. We are also making our contribution to successfully transitioning to a sustainable energy mix. The main challenges we face here are in continually increasing the proportion of renewable energies in the mix and in efficiently pooling distributed generating facilities. We are well aware of these challenges and began implementing the appropriate measures some years ago. A good 50 percent of our investments are specifically targeted at developing renewable energies and distributed generating facilities. Wind energy plays a special role here, as demonstrated by our wind projects in Germany, Poland, Romania and Turkey. We are also working to optimize the supply system in Germany – for example, with our virtual power stations that intelligently network distributed generating facilities with each other. Or with the planned linking of the district heating lines along the Rhine and Ruhr, in which we play a pivotal role.

    We take on responsibility worldwide

    Global observance of human rights and putting responsibility into practice are our objectives and provide the basis of our success.

    In particular in our supply relationships, we have integrated the protection of human rights into the contracts and agreements with our business partners.

    For years, we have conducted surveys with key suppliers on the topic of the sustainable supply chain and compliance with the principles of the UN Global Compact. When concluding business transactions and acquiring new business partners, we also undertake research and inquiries regarding, among other things, respect for human rights.

    Through general international conditions governing the coal trade, we have been able to agree on additional clauses with our partners which anchor the principles of the Global Compact in both short and long-term supply relationships.

    Observing the rights of indigenous peoples in accordance with ILO Standard 169 is important to us, for example with respect to resettlement. For this purpose, we personally visit the mining companies from which coal for the power plants around the world is procured, and remain in constant dialogue with operators and dealers.

    We get involved at the local level

    Our company has a strong tradition of social commitment ingrained in its culture.

    This naturally means getting involved on behalf of the people that live in the areas where our company operates. In our home town of Essen, for instance, we support the local soup kitchen. The trainees at our head office regularly organize events specifically aimed at young people, such as open days for primary school children based on the topics of wind, water, sun and recycling. We are also actively involved in the local community at our overseas sites. In Colombia, Turkey and the Philippines, we make an important contribution to the electricity supply and this has positive effects on the local economy. In addition to this, we support state subsidized programs in a number of areas, including education, environmental protection, health and legal security.

    We are also involved in various regional projects in the Philippines. One of them is the "Villanueva Firebricks Making Project" that currently gives regular employment to 20 people. They use coal ash and other industrial residues to manufacture refractory bricks which are then used in the construction of public infrastructure.

    We support and protect our employees

    As an international employer, we are responsible for around 6,000 people.

    We endeavor to support them to the best of our ability in their professional and personal development and in achieving a balance between work and family life. Maintaining good health is an important prerequisite for having efficient and motivated employees. For this reason, we offer our staff the holistic LIFE program (long-term individual promotion of individual responsibility). It includes such things as the provision of advice at different phases of life.

    It goes without saying that we also systematically integrate occupational health and safety into our operating processes. We regularly carry out preventive occupational safety measures at all operating sites and major construction sites. The management systems of all STEAG power plants and most of the subsidiaries are certified in accordance with the relevant standards.

    We provide special support to young and older employees. We train more young people in a variety of commercial and industrial professions than we need. We heavily promote the training of young engineers. They are supported during their first few years at STEAG within the framework of a young engineer program. We also campaign for the training of more qualified engineers abroad. In India, for instance, we offer a special trainee program for junior staff. We likewise take into account the needs of our older employees and have specific measures in place to support them.

    We follow clear guidelines

    Acting in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner forms the basis of our corporate culture.

    We advocate the protection of human rights, create humane working conditions and do business in an ecologically sustainable manner. We see compliance as the foundation on which our success is built. Because to us success is not just about being a good employer or providing our customers with excellent products and services. Success also means achieving the set goals in a law-abiding and responsible manner.

    We conduct our business in accordance with generally accepted core ethical values, such as the Global Compact's ten principles, and incorporate them into our daily routine. We have been a member of the Global Compact since 2011 and report annually on the progress made in implementing the ten principles. The STEAG Code of Conduct sets out our guidelines for conducting business.

    We require that not only our employees adhere to these principles, but our business partners too. Our in-house compliance organization promotes awareness of compliance, identifies possible risks in good time and takes steps to counter them – for instance, through training. We do not tolerate breaches of the law. They are met with decisive action – without exception.