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    On this page you can find a summary of STEAG GmbH’s key facts and figures. Additional details can be found in our 2017 financial statement.

    Founded, headquarters 1937
    Core competencies Planning, construction and operation of high-efficiency power plants using fossil fuels (hard coal, natural gas and refinery by-products) and renewable energy sources (biomass, biogas, mine gas, geothermal energy and wind)
    ManagementJoachim Rumstadt (Chairman)
    Michael Baumgärtner
    Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Cieslik
    Alfred Geißler
    Power generation in GermanySeven hard coal fired power plants, one refinery power plant and over 200 additional plants for generating power from renewable and conventional energy sources and for distributed energy supply
    Power generation around the worldHard coal fired power plants in Colombia, Turkey and the Philippines (each in a joint venture with local partners); distributed generation plants in Poland; wind farms in France, Romania and Turkey; subsidiaries and representatives in European countries and in Brazil, the USA, India, South Africa and Singapore.
    Major subsidiariesSTEAG Energy Services GmbH
    STEAG Fernwärme GmbH
    STEAG Power Minerals GmbH
    STEAG Technischer Service GmbH
    STEAG New Energies GmbH
    STEAG Waste to Energy GmbH
    Group net income
    Installed capacity
    Capacity operated under O&M contracts
    O&M support

    3.6 billion Euro
    354.2 million Euro
    197.3 million Euro
    58.6 million EUR
    7,600 MW (thereof in Germany 5,500 MW)
    6,500 MW
    3,500 MW