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    Experts for cladding welding

    The term cladding refers to a deposition welding process in which a highly alloyed welding filler metal (for instance, a nickel base material) is applied to heavily stressed metallic components to protect their surface.

    In Germany there are only a small number of companies that are able to apply this technique and offer it to customers, because their employees are downright specialists in their field.

    In "normal" welding work, two or more parts are joined together by a weld seam. Cladding welding, on the other hand, involves the application of a protective overlay to large surfaces of a component by hand or by machine. The advantage is that the components, which technically would have to be completely replaced due to corrosion, can have a considerably longer life than if they had no cladding.

    Despite the higher cost of cladded components, their use still pays off for the customer since, viewed over a longer period, installation costs can be saved and downtime avoided owing to the components' longer service life.