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  • Samantha Kittel


    Samantha Kittel has been an active member of the team, even as an intern. In this interview, she reflects on what she has experienced during her time at STEAG.

    What made you decide to do an internship at STEAG? 
    Our society is currently undergoing a process of change, both on the mobility and on the energy front. These are polarizing issues, and doing an internship at STEAG has given me a deeper insight into what's going on. It was with this idea in mind that I took a closer look at the company when thinking about where I wanted to do my internship. I found the answers to a lot of my questions on the careers page. What can the company offer young people? How innovative is STEAG? Ultimately, it was the opportunities offered to young people that convinced me. For me, this was a sign that the company is open to new ideas. 

    Samantha Kittel (24), who was born in Dorsten, is currently studying social science at Ruhr University Bochum, and chose to do the compulsory work experience part of her degree course at STEAG. 

    What was your impression of STEAG before you got to know the company?
    Initially, as far as I was concerned, STEAG was simply the building where the Rüttenscheider Straße starts. I only had a vague idea what the company did, and thought it was just something to do with coal. Having delved into it more deeply, though, I realized that there's far more to it than that, even just looking at all the different subsidiaries. That changed my perspective entirely and made the company immensely attractive. 

    "I thought that being an intern, I'd soon be overlooked in the crowd. Yet every day since starting my internship has been proof of the contrary." 

    How have you experienced the STEAG family during your internship? 
    At the beginning, I had great respect for the size of the company. I could hardly believe that it was really a "family", because I automatically associate a large number of employees with a certain degree of anonymity. I thought that being an intern, I'd soon be overlooked in the crowd. Yet every day since starting my internship has been proof of the contrary. There's always a friendly greeting from my colleagues, even just walking through the building. I was also very warmly welcomed into my team and am allowed to deal with a lot of interesting assignments. The feeling of belonging set in very quickly, and I'm delighted to be able to spend my time here. 

    What good has your internship done in terms of your degree? 
    It made a refreshing change for me to get an idea of the practical side of things. There's a huge difference between theory and experiencing interdisciplinary teamwork and the processes involved at first hand. Unfortunately, these components sometimes tend to fall by the wayside in university degree courses, so I think my internship will certainly have contributed to preparing me for the world of work.