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  • Nino Seelbach

    Project Engineer

    Nino Seelbach works as a Project Engineer in Völklingen. Read on to find out more about his work at our STEAG Technischer Service subsidiary (“STS” – Servicing of Plants & Electrical Systems).

    Nino Seelbach (29) has been with STEAG since 2006, and, having successfully completed his apprenticeship, studied part-time while working.  

    When and how did you first come into contact with STEAG?
    My first contact with STEAG came in 2006 on seeing a job advert in the newspaper for an apprenticeship as electronics technician in industrial engineering. I took a close look at the company and realized that I’d found the right employer for my apprenticeship. Having successfully completed the very interesting and varied training, I had the opportunity – with the support of STEAG – to start a work and study degree course in electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken (htw saar) in 2010.

    What did you study to be able to work in your profession today?
    To be able to work as a Project Engineer I studied electrical engineering with a focus on electrical energy systems, graduating in 2015 with a Master of Science (M. Sc.) degree.

    Your work as Project Engineer is no doubt varied. What does it involve?
    My work involves calculating, planning and implementing projects for internal and external clients. The wide variety of activities means I face new challenges every day. It’s especially important to be very flexible, so as to be able to respond in the best possible way to the client’s needs. In implementing a project, I am responsible for coordinating various phases to ensure the project is successfully completed for all parties involved.

    What is your experience of the STEAG family at STS?
    I experience the STEAG family here at STS as an exceptionally open network of a wide diversity of characters and interesting personalities. My work in Völklingen-Luisenthal is characterized above all by the exchange of expertise and being part of a young team. The cooperative working atmosphere and the friendly and constructive team spirit have enabled work colleagues to become friends.

    And what about outside work, where do you draw your strength from there?
    My family and friends give me backing and support. I create a balance to my busy working days and my business trips both inland and abroad, which often take up several days at a time, by doing weight training or through my interest in new technologies. I am also a passionate traveler.