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    When Mario Schmoltzi (34) and Christoph Dollhausen (35) met for the first time as part of STEAG’s “General Management Program” for prospective managers, it quickly became clear that the two would get on well together. To get to know each other, each participant was instructed to bring along an object that meant a lot to him personally – and both of them were holding a full face helmet for mountain biking in their hands.

    Of course, they immediately arranged to ride together, can now both be seen sitting on their bikes in the Heisingen district of Essen. Although “jumping”, “racing” and “flying” would be better words: Both have been on mountain bikes since their youth and know what they are doing – no jump and no descent are left out.

    “When I was 12, I went riding through the woods a bit. Then I fell in with the wrong crowd,” says Dollhausen with a laugh. He travelled through Europe with them and took part in events all over the continent. And he was successful: He won his first race in Belgium and later ended up in the top 10 of the German Downhill Championship for Juniors. He still rides along with the gang from time to time, “but as you get older you calm down. Now the focus is on the experience.”

    Schmoltzi also started early: “At 13, I went touring with my father, and sometimes we were on the road the whole weekend. When he later worked in London, he naturally also rode mountain bikes there – and he takes care of the necessary tracks himself: “The Trax” is the name of the club he co-founded and which built a BMX and mountain bike park in Tottenham. In addition to his job, he became a bike trainer and helped to give the kids from that difficult part of the city a new outlook on life – and he also makes a success of that venture: After a short start-up time, there are more than 100 young people riding, jumping and careering along the course.

    Today, Schmoltzi trades for STEAG with the electricity produced in the power plants, while Dollhausen heads the Group’s marketing department. And while the latter markets himself as a young rider who learned a lot for his current job from that, Schmoltzi emphasizes above all the intensive cooperation with very different people that benefits him in his work. Now, however, the hilly landscape of Essen awaits the two of them: There’s another descent coming up – see you at the bottom!

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