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  • Lara Paulun


    There’s more to the name STEAG than there might at first appear from outside. Lara Paulun tells us how she found that out as a trainee.

    Lara Paulun (20) has just joined STEAG and has been able to gain an insight into corporate communications.

    What made you decide to do a placement at STEAG? 
    I decided on a placement at STEAG because I've been interested for some time in working in a large corporation. I'd previously had no experience whatsoever with companies of this scale, and so I wanted to find out if I could see myself working in one. As well as that, I'm keen on the idea of a work and study degree course, and can envisage doing that at STEAG. What's more, STEAG offers a forward-looking and liberal-minded environment providing a wealth of opportunities, especially in gaining experience internationally.

    What was your impression of STEAG before you got to know the company? 
    To be honest, I didn't know much about STEAG before starting my placement, so I was all the more curious as to what would await me there. All I knew was what the logo looked like and that STEAG had something to do with hard coal. But I had no clear idea what was really behind it all.

    Has your impression of STEAG changed during the course of your placement? If so, what is different? 
    I became aware right from the start how varied and interesting it is in the company. At first I didn't know what to expect and what I would really be allowed to do. I was able to attend a lot of meetings and join colleagues on external appointments, I was assigned my own tasks enabling me to become better acquainted with the structures in the company, and I was part of the team right from the word go. I really hadn't expected to feel so at home so quickly. In the meantime I can honestly say that there's much more to STEAG than just coal. STEAG is an international energy service provider and, above all, a family. I was impressed by the number of locations where STEAG operates worldwide.

    Can you envisage working at STEAG at some stage in the future? 
    First of all, I'm very grateful to have gained such a profound insight into the company. That doesn't go without saying as far as I'm concerned, and speaks strongly for STEAG and the associated transparency. It remains an option for me to do a work and study degree course at STEAG.