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  • Juracy Monteiro

    Managing Director at STEAG Energy Services do Brasil

    In her everyday routine at our subsidiary STEAG Energy Services do Brasil, Juracy Monteiro demonstrates her dedication to creating success through Teamwork. In this interview, she shares some insights into her exciting daily work.

    Juracy Monteiro (56) is a member of the STEAG Family since 2012 and is responsible for growth in Brazil.

    Your career at STEAG has already started before you got into your current position. How did you first get into contact with STEAG? 
    My career at STEAG began in 2012 when STEAG hired me as a Chief Finance Officer. But my first contact with STEAG was already three years before. I used to work for a consulting agency who has received an order from STEAG in the end of 2009 concerning an acquisition in Chile. After this service was concluded, the company required other consulting services until beginning of 2012 when the company hired me as CFO.

    What does a typical day at work look like for you? 
    In general my daily work life is busy. Most of the day I attend internal and external meetings such as calls. The rest of day usually serves to read and prepare reports, check and answer messages, plan the agenda for next days and weeks. Beyond that I also talk with the managers.

    Do you have any recommendation for other women who aim to make a Management career?
     Yes, I do. If a woman wants to be a successful manager, she definitely needs to be goal oriented and be able to set an example. Further after my opinion great achievements happen with team work. Therefore a manager should also build a good team. 

    "Further, after my opinion great achievements happen with team work. Therfore a manager should also build a good team."

    What does the STEAG Family look like in Brasil? 
    As I said in my previous answer great achievements can only happen with team work. The STEAG family in Brasil includes respect for other ideas and opinions and a great cooperation. We work together in order to find the best solution for our company and are successful with that. That is significant and a strength of the Brazilian Team.

    What is the biggest difference in concerns of mentality if you compare your Brazilian colleagues to the German ones? 
    That is quite hard to say. Of course a lot of the German behaviors in business life are adapted here in Brasil. But talking about the German stereotype in terms of being stubborn and drawing on proven experience, we may be more flexible here in Brasil. Changes are accepted more easily and we are more optimistic.