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  • Julian Hälker

    Project and investment management expert 

    Julian Hälker studied International Management alongside working at STEAG and is now responsible for managing national and international projects. At present, for example, he is looking into the purchase of shares in a Vietnamese company.

    Julian Hälker (29) has been working for STEAG since 2010. He has already completed his work and study program within the company and has since been a member of the STEAG family. 

    When did you join STEAG? 
    I began a dual work and study degree course in "International Management" and vocational training as an industrial clerk at STEAG in 2010. I saw the combination of academic education at the FOM University of Applied Sciences in Essen with vocational training in a well-known company as being a good introduction to the world of work. Straight after completing my degree course and my vocational training I was able to join the international project management at STEAG GmbH and gain my first experience in projects abroad. I moved within the company in 2017, joining the project and investment management department at STEAG Power Minerals GmbH in Dinslaken.

    You completed a work and study program at STEAG and have been with the company ever since. Would you say that gives you a special bond with the company? 
    Yes, I would say so. One aspect that benefits me in a positive way through my vocational training across various specialist departments in the company, the project management work with interdisciplinary teams and a STEAG group employee development program, is the network in the company. Whatever the matter in hand or the issue to be resolved, I can nearly always think of a colleague in another division or department who I know will be willing to help or advise me. 

    "A lot of colleagues look back on many years of experience in the market and can pass their knowledge and skills on to younger colleagues." 

    What does your day-to-day work involve? 
    As a consultant for project and investment management I manage projects or sub-projects at national and international level. Each project is different and has to be viewed and dealt with individually. Projects I supervise can serve to expand the company (e.g. company acquisitions and startups), but might also deal with process optimization or research and development. Besides setting up the optimum project structure, the tasks of a project manager include coordinating resources, monitoring the budget and schedule, negotiating relevant contracts, preparing committee documents and regularly coordinating with the STEAG Power Minerals GmbH Management. 

    How would you describe the STEAG family at STEAG Power Minerals in Dinslaken?
    As our Dinslaken office is quite small compared with the STEAG corporate head office, almost all colleagues know each other well personally. A lot of colleagues look back on many years of experience in the market and can pass their knowledge and skills on to younger colleagues. The younger colleagues in turn breathe new life into the company. New ideas can be generated and projects can be tackled together, all of this in a pleasant working atmosphere in a challenging and diversified market.

    Which projects are you involved in at present? 
    I'm currently involved mainly in two projects: The STEAG Power Minerals GmbH power plant by-products division is looking into purchasing shares in a Vietnamese company at the moment. The market for power plant by-products is still under development in Vietnam and holds great potential for the future. Following an intensive period of development, the STEAG Power Minerals GmbH blasting abrasive division this spring signed a long-term supply contract for an alternative raw material for the production of blasting abrasives. To ensure a smooth, medium-term transition from the coal-fired power plant granulate currently used in production to a natural raw material, this project includes, for example, the construction of a treatment plant and the sustainable development of an optimum logistics chain.