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  • Hasan Karaduman


    Hasan Karaduman is deployed at our site in Herne and is also involved in the GuD Herne 6 project. We have asked.

    Hasan Karaduman (35) has been part of the STEAG family since 2009 and is involved in both existing and new projects.

    When and how did you come to join STEAG? 
    I joined STEAG as early as 2009. I started as a mechanical engineer at the Lünen power plant.

    What does a typical working day look like for you? 
    Until 10 a.m., every day looks much the same. In the morning, I first read the shift log. So I know what happened in the night. Then I look at my mails and take time to check the most important operating data from the last 24 hours. These include, for example, the vibrations on the turbine. At 8:30 a.m. there is always an early meeting in a small group and at 9 a.m. the big meeting with all the technical departments takes place. After 10 o'clock there are always new appointments and meetings. Maybe it's an official inspection, a simple working discussion on maintenance topics, or the supervision of visitor groups, for example from schools and universities.

    You participated in the Energy Development Program in 2016. What has that done for your professional development? 
    The most important thing about the EDP is the creation of a network within the Group as a whole. Since I am at the power plant far away from all activities in Essen, it was a pleasure to meet colleagues who have nothing to do with technology. It is much easier to obtain information within the Group if you know the structures of other areas and also the people to contact there. I think the EDP enables me to perform better in a number of aspects of my professional environment.

    To what extent are you involved in current projects at STEAG? 
    The most recent project in which I have been able to take part, if only on the periphery, is the Herne 6 combined cycle power plant. This project is particularly interesting and important, as it involves building one of the world's most modern gas and steam power plants. In addition to the electricity generated, STEAG Fernwärme will be able to supply a large number of households with the additional heat generated. I think that the construction of the power plant is an important step towards an environmentally friendly future. 

    What does the STEAG family mean to you?
    For me, the STEAG family means a very good balance between business success, work and leisure time, health and safety, and recognition and appreciation between colleagues and between employees and superiors. In addition, STEAG always puts its employees first.