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    Gritt Dietz has succeeded in reconciling her family with her career. You can find out how she managed this in the interview.

    How did you come to join STEAG and where did you start?
    A fellow student, who had already worked as a temporary employee at STEAG Entsorgung GmbH, asked me whether I could envisage setting up a customer database for the waste management sector. As I had worked in one of the first Microsoft training centers in Germany during my university course, the products were already familiar to me and I applied to the STEAG people in Essen. Even before I graduated from university, I switched to the sales department. After completing my Business Administration studies, I was responsible for marketing and strategy in the area of waste disposal and recycling from power plants.

    After the birth of your child, what opportunities did you have to get back into the job at STEAG?
    When my first child was born, I was Head of Field Staff and Marketing in the Sales Department. During my parental leave, I resumed that task, initially on a part-time basis, and was able to benefit from one of the first teleworking jobs at STEAG.

    Today, we offer our employees the following opportunities to return to professional life:

    • Home Office / Teleworkstation
    • Flexible working hours and part-time work

    Gritt Dietz (52) began her STEAG career during her business studies. She has already gained experience at several locations and with several companies in our group.

    How did you return to work after the birth of your children?
    STEAG has always been flexible with its part-time work models. At first (the 50% part time period) I worked 2 days a week, and later I spread the working hours over 4 days a week. After the increase in part time work to 75 %, my family configuration was taken into account. I worked full time one week and part time in the next.

    Flexibility, though, is not a one-way street. For me, it was always a matter of course to adjust my working hours to cater for operational needs temporarily or in individual cases (events/trade fairs or surveys of employees in shift work at the power plants) if necessary.

    Did you benefit from STEAG’s support in caring for your children?
    Unfortunately, the opportunities there are now did not exist at that time. Today there are various ways in which the company provides support, such as these:

    • Parental leave arrangements (above and beyond the statutory regulations)
    • Child care support (e.g. nursery places and financial support)
    • Holiday child care

    What does the STEAG family mean to you?
    Perhaps this is the best way to sum it up: I have been with STEAG for almost 27 years. Even if things don’t always go well and meet my expectations, I can say without reservations that I still enjoy working for STEAG and I enjoy coming to the office every morning because I am looking forward to my job and the people at STEAG.

    Where do you get your energy from in your private life?
    I get my energy from running and hiking.

    What advice do you have for mothers and expectant mothers who work full time?
    First and foremost, I can only advise against putting yourself under too much pressure and wanting to play all the roles perfectly. You have to set priorities and review them over and over again. The most important things are good organization and good time management, without any reluctance to involve family or grandparents and friends or to get help from outside.