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  • Enrico Pavel-Goldberg

    Renewable Energies

    Enrico Pavel-Goldberg has gained a foothold in the field of renewable energies. He tells us in an interview what his work looks like all around our wind farms.

    Enrico Pavel-Goldberg (42) has been working for STEAG New Energies since 2014. In his work, he not only looks after the Ullersdorf wind farm, but also looks after turbines in the Ruhr area.  

    When and how did you come to join STEAG?
    I was on the road for many years as a service technician for wind turbines. In May 2014 I became aware of STEAG, a company I had never heard of before, through a newspaper advertisement. They were looking for someone with experience in the wind energy sector to work in operation and maintenance at the Ullersdorf wind farm near Fürstenwalde, which was currently under construction. In July 2014, I moved to STEAG New Energies.

    What is a typical working day at a wind farm like?
    First of all, it has to be said that on-site operations account for only a fraction of the work involved in operating and maintaining wind turbines. We primarily go to the wind farm to perform inspection work. We visit the individual plants once to twice each year to document the current condition. The system is stopped and all accessible areas are inspected. Among other things, we check whether defects which had previously been found have been rectified and whether new defects have occurred. Of course, it is necessary to climb or use the lift to access the turbine house for this work.

    Of course, you have to have a good head for heights, as the wind turbines are up to 140 meters tall. Depending on the weather conditions, it can also be quite hot on a single wind turbine, up to over 40 °C in the summer, and also quite cold with sub-zero temperatures in winter. It can also be quite narrow and oily. Because of the height and the associated dangers, special safety measures and the wearing of special personal protective equipment to prevent falls are also necessary.

    Other jobs that arise in the wind farm include, for example, various measures relating to nature conservation and environmental protection. Experts and inspectors visit us regularly, as do various service companies. These persons then have to be instructed on site, and the work on the transformer station and the cable routes is supervised.

    Above all, however, there is also office work to be done. This includes the monitoring of plants by means of the management software, the evaluation of operating data, fault analyses and fault detection as well as the monitoring of compliance with laws and regulations. Services that are required on site have to be ordered, which also involves correspondence with the service companies, manufacturers and authorities. Records of all events have to be archived afterwards.

    What do you appreciate most about your work?
    What I particularly like about my work is that it is so varied and covers a wide range of topics with many different tasks in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and environmental protection. Due to the changing work locations and the associated travel, there is no chance of being bored. Different plants, locations and control systems not only require independent and responsible action, but also constantly present me with new challenges. The great view from the top of the towers is an added extra, free of charge.

    What advice can you give to young colleagues who want to have a career in the energy industry?
    You always have to remain flexible, because the market is constantly changing. Sometimes adverse phenomena such as the closure of power plants have to be expected. But there are always new technologies and developments and therefore also new opportunities. That is why education and further training are also very important. There is a shortage of skilled workers everywhere. The background conditions are constantly changing, and things will definitely remain exciting.

    What does the STEAG family at STEAG New Energies mean to you?
    Whether I work for STEAG or STEAG New Energies doesn’t make much difference to me. STEAG New Energies is an integral part of STEAG. The companies are very closely intertwined and I almost always perceive them as one unit in my everyday work. For that reason, the STEAG family is definitely a Group-wide phenomenon for me.