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  • Claudia Mahl

    STEAG Fernwärme - Head of thermal systems

    As a STEAG Fernwärme employee, Claudia Mahl took part in our Energy Development Program. In the interview she sheds light on her experience.

    Claudia Mahl (37) has worked at our subsidiary STEAG Fernwärme since 2012, becoming head of thermal systems in 2014. The preconception that men don’t take women seriously in technical contexts hasn’t held true in her case, however. 

    What brought you to STEAG, and what route have you taken through the company?
    I saw a STEAG Fernwärme vacancy on a job portal and applied for it. After about a year in technical planning I moved to my current job and have been in the operations division since early 2014.

    Among other things, I deal here with the maintenance of boilers, heat exchangers, pumps etc. in the district heating plants and the Ruhr district heating network. That also includes planning the repair budget and the plant equipment. In addition, I’m involved in planning any necessary modifications to the sites, and also in the energy management system and other district heating audits. There are always other things that need seeing to as well, so the work is very varied.

    You’re responsible for thermal systems at STEAG Fernwärme. That probably means you work mostly with men. Has that ever posed a challenge for you?
    The welcome I received from my colleagues on starting the job was extremely friendly and unprejudiced. They all helped me in familiarizing myself with the division, and the cooperative spirit remains to this day. I can only judge things from my personal point of view, though. I don’t want to generalize and can’t speak for others, after all.

    STEAG offers the Energy Development Program for expanding competence and the group-wide network. What did you gain from participating in the program?
    The EDP above all presents the opportunity to get to know colleagues in the other companies and find out what they do. As we here at STEAG Fernwärme otherwise rarely get the chance to work with the other companies because our business is very different to theirs, I wholly recommend the EDP.

     "To my mind, cooperation and a sense of belonging are still very much alive here at STEAG Fernwärme. "

    What is your experience of the “STEAG family” at STEAG Fernwärme?
    To my mind, cooperation and a sense of belonging are still very much alive here at STEAG Fernwärme. That might be due in part to the fact that we’re a fairly small team and all know each other.

    What keeps you going outside of work?
    I get out and about a lot with my two-year-old son. That not only keeps me on the move, but also means I’m always learning something new and getting to see things from a child’s perspective.