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  • Hats off!

    Visiting Christin Lossow’s western riding session, the non-riders might expect a cowboy hat and a lasso. But then it quickly becomes clear that this sport is not about dressing up, it's about trust.

    “Bling hats, boot cut jeans and leather chaps over your pants are only part of tournaments and photo shoots,” Lossow laughs. “You really go to town then.” During training and the comfortable rides with the heavy Polish warmblood Kuba, she restricts herself to Jeans and cowboy boots with spurs.

    After all, the focus in western riding is on perfect interaction between the horse and its rider. The cowboy needs to be able to rely on his four-legged partner keeping up the right speed and carrying on in the right direction once he’s given it a quick cue. Only then can he concentrate on catching an animal with the lasso and on the ranch work.

    Without 100 percent trust on both sides, Lossow and Kuba would find it difficult dealing with the course set up in front of them: Opening a pasture gate, passing through it and closing it again without dismounting or riding over a wooden bridge – “the horse has to work and think with you, you overcome this course together,” Lossow explains. And overcoming things together is nothing new for the two of them: She’s been working with her riding participation Kuba for two years now, and at their first tournament recently they straight away took a fourth and a fifth place.

    Discipline, calm and perseverance are crucial for success of this kind. And it’s precisely these qualities that help Christin Lossow in her job as marketing manager at STEAG Solar Energy Solutions: Keeping calm when things get hectic, sticking with it, perhaps taking a step back and then moving forward. That’s why it’s usually “hats off” to Lossow once the work’s done, both in her job and in her hobby.