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  • Christian Breuer

    Christian Breuer not only works for our STEAG Technischer Service subsidiary (“STS” – Servicing of Plants & Electrical Systems), but is also a university lecturer.

    Following his banking apprenticeship Christian Breuer (36) decided he wanted to pursue a technical career, and in 2005 settled on STEAG as providing the right environment in which to do so.

    When and how did you first come into contact with STEAG?
    Having completed my banking apprenticeship, I realized fairly quickly that I wanted to do something technical. My first contact with STEAG came about when a colleague told me that Saar Energie AG was looking for work and study students in electrical engineering. I phoned Harry Recktenwald to find out more and then applied for a place. That was at the beginning of 2005. Before that, I’d had no contact with STEAG at all.

    You deal a lot with new technologies, including electromobility. Can you briefly explain why you see that as being so important?
    Energy supply and the transport sector are currently undergoing a process of change, in part politically driven. And so it is only logical and consistent that a technology company like STEAG has to address the issue. Like battery storage during the days of LESSY, electromobility will also play a major role worldwide in the medium to long term. Looking ahead, mobile storage, as traction batteries in vehicles can be termed in the future, can, if intelligently controlled, make a valuable contribution to the energy transition. What’s more, the challenge of integrating electromobility into our existing electrical infrastructure represents a significant field of activity for STEAG.

    How did your interest in lecturing come about?
    Actually, it was a fortunate coincidence. I’d already held one or two tutorials for following students whilst studying myself, but I’d never really given that much thought to the matter. And over the course of time at STEAG, I supervised a few students during their degree courses or while they were writing their thesis. It was something I always enjoyed doing. The offer of a teaching position came through a student I’d supervised together with Prof. Dengel. I’m very glad to have been given this opportunity.

    What is your experience of the STEAG family at STS?
    My work in the “Energy Systems – New Technologies” sector at STS gives me a lot of points of contact to the various companies in the group. It is always fascinating seeing all the things that go on at STEAG and the skills that the different sectors have to offer. We need to succeed in bundling these varied and diverse activities on a project-related basis, by this means demonstrating the innovative strength of STEAG in trend-setting projects such as GBS.