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  • Barbara Naumann

    Group Leader Customer Services - Service Management

    As a group leader, Ms. Naumann deals with many stimulating issues in the area of Customer Services – Service Management. We asked her to tell us more exactly what that involves.

    Barbara Naumann (51) has worked for STEAG since 2018.

    How did you come to join STEAG?
    My interest in the energy industry results from the incredible challenges that the energy transition has confronted it with, the international nature of the issues, the interlocking with politics and, finally, the meaningfulness of the task. For almost a year I searched through STEAG’s job opportunities advertisements on the homepage and at Stepstone for a job that matched my interests and skills until I found what I was looking for. Fortunately, STEAG saw things the same way.

    Why did you choose STEAG?
    After many years of experience in various industries, with companies of different sizes and very different corporate cultures, I had created a prototype of my dream employer: a company with a tradition of German values, a medium sized to large company or a group which operates globally in a volatile, exciting industry. It is important to me to be valued as an employee and for me to identify with the corporate culture. I was also very enthusiastic about the opportunity to gain a foothold in IT as a new departure. I like to work in a field defined by the tension between various technical issues and customer service; nothing gets boring or routine, and you have the opportunity to constantly learn something new and develop your skills.

    What is your typical working day like?
    At the moment I am still at the familiarization stage. I accompany my head of department, Mr. Schieferstein, to meetings in order to learn about the topics IT Service Management is currently dealing with and what contribution I can make in the short term. I follow up on those meetings when they concern issues where I still lack background information. I was able to enter directly into ongoing framework contract topics that deal with service control and service design; there, I can contribute ideas and know-how from my professional past. “On my very first day at work, I noticed that my colleagues were really looking forward to the growth in the team.”

    "On my very first day at work, I noticed that my colleagues were really looking forward to the growth in the team"

    The cohesion at STEAG is often referred to as the STEAG family. How have you experienced the STEAG family so far? 
    I heard the term "family" in connection with such a large international company for the first time at STEAG and, as an outsider, would have been tempted to regard that claim as a marketing gag. I was very favorably surprised: on my very first day at work, I noticed that my colleagues were really looking forward to the growth in the team; everything was perfectly prepared, the system access was applied for, and on top of that, there were flowers. In the first few weeks, colleagues from other departments and teams approached me on their own initiative in order to give me an insight into their various fields of activity and offer me their support. A lot is offered across the various companies that clearly exceeds an employer’s normal duty of care: workplace checks, health and fitness campaigns, tips on active breaks, and also charitable initiatives such as blood donation appointments at the STEAG premises. I also like the fact that the intranet provides daily updates on new projects. There are sports groups that are organized among the employees and, for example, participation in the Essen company run. Hopefully I’ll be there this year too.

    Where do you get your energy from in your private life? 
    I try to achieve a work-life balance every day. In the summer I like to go inline skating – preferably very early in the morning, even before work – at Lake Baldeney. The combination of movement, light and nature puts me in a good mood for the whole day. When the weather isn’t playing ball – or during the winter months – I go running and hiking. I like to travel, preferably to southern climes, love classical music and sing in an Essen oratorio choir myself. When there’s still time, I like to read crime novels, meet up with friends or go to an art exhibition.