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  • Angelika Tuschen

    Business Services - Enterprise Resource Planning

    Angelika Tuschen has managed to assert herself against her male colleagues in our IT department and now holds a managerial position. In this interview she explains how she succeeded in doing so.

    Angelika Tuschen (54) has worked at STEAG since 1983. Following her apprenticeship she took advantage of the further training opportunities we offer, thus qualifying herself for her current position. 

    What brought you to STEAG in the first place, and what do you do here now?
    On completing commercial college in 1983 I applied for a commercial apprenticeship at STEAG. What prompted me to do so was the fact that the father of one of my friends worked for STEAG in Herne, and he asked me whether I’d applied to the company. I went through the recruitment process and was fortunate in being given the opportunity to start an apprenticeship. Having completed several further training programs and following various reorganizations, I took up my current position as head of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) group at SES-IT on 1 January 2018. My team mainly looks after STEAG’s commercial systems, for instance the SAP systems, which ensure that commercial processes run smoothly throughout the entire group.

    I am very fortunate in that STEAG has always enabled me to combine work and family life. On becoming a mother 18 years ago I was able to take advantage of the flexible working time models and go part-time.

    What does your typical working day look like?
    My typical working day is very varied. On the one hand there are daily routine tasks like monitoring individual functionalities, on the other hand I implement SAP settings. A great deal of my time is also spent coordinating customer requirements, including hiring external service providers, as well as providing support for customers in an advisory capacity. For me, every user is a customer, and it’s on that basis that my team and I work, day in, day out. I also spend a lot of time dealing with staff matters. I always try to lend my staff an ear and give them the support they need.

    "I always try to lend my staff an ear and give them the support they need."

    Fortunately, more and more women are taking an interest in technical professions. What advice can you give women interested in pursuing a technical career?
    Don’t let yourself be put off by the man’s world. Keep at it! With professional expertise in combination with social competence and common sense, anything’s possible.

    What is your experience of the proverbial “STEAG family”?
    To be honest, the STEAG family isn’t something I perceive every day. We are a company on the marketplace and have to provide solutions, services and products for our customers on a daily basis. Time is scarce, and the pressure to come up with solutions is always there. Having said that, though, there’s still occasionally time for a chat with my colleagues.

    What keeps you going outside of work?
    My family, going out for a run in the fresh air on a regular basis during the week and doing a lot of things that have nothing to do with my work at the weekends. That recharges my batteries for the next turbulent, action-packed Monday.