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  • Alexander Knapp


    As an intern at STEAG, Alexander Knapp gained an insight into the work of Corporate Communications. Here, he tells us about his experiences.

    Why did you decide to do an internship at STEAG? 
    I chose the internship at STEAG because I am very interested in how people work in a company of this size. I had always done my previous internships in smaller companies. I chose corporate communications because it is always an important topic in such a large company - especially in times of change in the energy industry. Even though I had always thought of STEAG being primarily in Essen, I have learned where the company actually operates all over the world. For that reason, employees also have the opportunity to gain international experience. That would also be interesting for me for the future. 

    Alexander Knapp (16) completed his student internship at STEAG in Corporate Communications. 

    What was your impression of STEAG before you got to know the company? 
    Before I started my internship at STEAG, I knew the name, but all I really knew was that the company was a power and heat supplier. What I didn't know until I started my internship was how much STEAG was really about and what other areas the company also operated in. 

    Has your impression of STEAG changed during your internship? If so, what's the difference? 
    I realized right from the start that STEAG does not only operate in Germany. The company works abroad a lot, which I thought was very exciting. During my internship I was allowed to take part in a lot of meetings, was given my own assignments and was also allowed to attend external appointments, which gave me a good insight into the corporate structure and working methods at STEAG. I was surprised how varied and exciting the work at STEAG is.

    Can you imagine working at STEAG later on? 
    Even though I am not yet sure what I want to do in my future career, STEAG has proven to be a good opportunity. The company is diverse and has many different areas, both in the technical and in the commercial environment, which gives you a host of opportunities. You can not only do an apprenticeship, but you can also combine it with a university course. It opens a lot of doors.